Resi-Life Programmes

We organise an array of activities that enhance our residents’ living at Westlite Accommodation.

A Voice for Migrant Workers

We actively engage with non-profit and non-government organisations (NPOs and NGOs) that seek to improve foreign workers’ welfare in Malaysia.

Masterchef Westlite Accommodation

Our residents square off in the kitchen to win a prize in our cooking competition.

Staying in the Pink of Health

Westlite Accommodation residents benefit from regular, complimentary check-ups, raising awareness on healthy living.

Westlite Accommodation’s Events & Activities

At Westlite Accommodation, we pride ourselves on having a heart for people and strive to create an accommodation that integrates live, learn and play amongst our foreign workers residents. Discover our broad range of events and activities that promotes our residents’ wellness and contributes to the community.

Healthy Living
Active Learning
Community Building

Healthy Living

We understand the importance of having fit and healthy workers at the workplace, so we promote an active lifestyle among our residents through a variety of physical activities, including:

  • Sports and games competition
  • Complimentary health screenings
  • Health education


Feeling good and staying healthy starts with eating right. Partnering with external organisations, we improve our residents’ nutrition and raise awareness on wholesome dieting through:

  • Nutrition talks
  • Food and groceries distribution

Active Learning

We impart soft skills and valuable knowledge to help workers become more competent at work and more confident off work. Some of our programmes to encourage learning among our residents include:

  • English, Chinese and Bahasa classes
  • Hygiene awareness talks
  • First aid courses

Community Building

We come up with various initiatives to help our residents integrate with the community. Furthermore, we help residents feel at home with emotional support and celebrations of familiar festivities. Such programmes include:

  • Community clean-up
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Counselling

Partners We Have Worked With

What Our Partners Are Saying

I like the event that Westlite Accommodation organises. I feel happy that I met friends from other dormitories. The competition was held in a healthy atmosphere, with good facilities & prizes. I’m happy with the prize!

Sanni Lama
Factory Operator, Resident at Westlite Accommodation

Sanni is a participant of the Talent Day showcase, soccer & telematches organised by Westlite Accommodation.

I enjoyed listening to residents’ feelings and emotions when they are far from their hometown and family. I help them with confidential and emotional support, and educate them live as a team and family no matter where they come from. They love singing and music.

Mdm Mui Cheng
Chairlady, Befrienders Johor Bahru

Mdm Mui participates in outreach activities to foreign and migrant workers organised by Befrienders.

Partner with Us to Impact the Foreign and Migrant Workers Community